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The goal of Galucci & Associados is not merely about selling accounting and management services. We also provide innovative solutions focused on the segment of every client. Therefore, we propose transforming the whole information flow coming from your company into final products.


You must be wondering, how is it possible?

It is possible because we work like a tool, where all the information generated by your company is processed and then transformed into management products. We have all the information that we need in order to make efficient decisions.



Tax Advisory

Personnel department

Corporate Consulting

Financial BPO

Tax and Business Consulting

Other Solutions

We have a complete array of relevant solutions to your business, such as:

Household Payroll

Starting a new business

Payment by installments, Rectification of mistakes after Filing your Income Tax Statement

Completion of tax documents and assistance in case you are notified by the Brazilian Revenue Authorities

Financial statements and currency conversion (US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards)

Staff allocation

Finance processes


Revenue management and cost accounting

Management strategy and much more.

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