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We are partners of Serasa Experian Digital Certification. Purchase your digital certificate with us and take advantage of our discounts!

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The e-CNPJ is the Digital Certificate for companies connected to the CNPJ (Brazilian Registered Identification Number). It allows safe and legally valid online transactions. The e-CNPJ must be issued to the legal representative of your company at the Receita Federal (Brazilian Internal Revenue Service).


The Digital Certificate e-CPF is the electronic version of the CPF (Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). It allows online operations that are legally as valid as a physical document. It can also be used in private institutions. Some banks already do so for certain transactions. It is essential in public institutions such as the Receita Federal (Brazilian Internal Revenue Service).


The certificate NF-e (electronic Invoice) is suitable for companies which have to sign electronic invoices. It is safe and legally valid. It is a perfect option if you need it to be issued to a different person than the legal representative at the Receita Federal (Brazilian Internal Revenue Service), for instance the responsible for the issuance of the invoices. Furthermore, it can also have other applications that share this characteristic, for ex. the Conhecimento de Transporte Eletrônico (electronic Bill of Lading).


If issued to the representative at the Brazilian IRS, the certificate NF-e will have access to the same applications of the e-CNPJ.


Exclusively for companies choosing the Simples Nacional (Brazilian Simplified Tax System). The Digital Certificate e-Simples is a digital certificate of a legal person connected to the Receita Federal (Brazilian Internal Revenue Service). It has several functions and simplifies your working processes.

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